Vintage, Classy & Modern Musical Excellence

Your one stop shop for an evening full of dancing pleasures

The Ethos

Hearing music you used to love is like meeting an old friend; the memories of great times come flooding back. And that's what we re-create with  8 decades of vintage & classic  dancing delights at our fingertips.
Whether it be an Old School Birthday Celebration or a top notch Classy Wedding, we've got the music, style and experience to create an evening you'll remember for all the right reasons. 

The Background

We've got a little bit of experience in making special occasions really special - over 40 years in fact. From high class Midsummer Marquee Balls, Society  styled Weddings and New Years Eve Extravaganzas, we've made rooms Bounce, Chassé and Sway across 4 counties ... and done it with style.
e can also read a room, use a microphone correctly , speak fluent drunkenese and still keep it amusing ... many can't."

 Delivering the Perfect Soundtrack to Prestigious Weddings, Corporate Events & Parties
Call Steve on 
Scunthorpe 07926 351164

The Playlists

  • Vintage 60's  to 21st Century
  • Classic Motown, Soul & Northern
  • Rock n Roll - the Petticoat Years
  • The Great American Songbook
  • Electro Swingtime & Jazz

The Service Menu

  • Banquets, Balls & Classy Weddings
  • Old School  Soirées
  • Motown & Soul Nights
  • No Quizzes and definitely NO Karaoke
  • Not remotely suited to Kiddies Parties

The Formats

  • All formats inc Vinyl  & Digital
  • Quality 21st Century PA Systems 
  • Subtle & Stylish Lighting 
  • Volume controls that go both ways
  • A slight comedic twist to everything 


7 Highfield Avenue
Scunthorpe DN15 7DZ



Telephone: 01724 841660         
Mobile:07926 351164